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Group Captain Puneet Kumar

1. 33 yrs and 8000hrs of flying experience in the Indian Air Force and the civil commercial Aviation world. Unique distinction of having flown Airliner, aeroplanes (both jets, pistons) and helicopters.

2. Holder of Airline Transport Pilot License(ATPL-A) and Commercial helicopter License(CPL-H).Flown important missions including the President, Prime Minister of India and other VVIPs.

3. Flown Boeing 757, Kiran, HPT 32, Mi- 17, Mi- 8,ALH, Chetak & Cheetah Aircraft types.

4. 24 yrs of ground and flying training experience. Trained more than 20 fresher abinitio pilots and 10 abinitio helicopter pilots.

5. Category A Qualified Flying Instructor(QFI) , taught 28 experienced pilots from Fighter, Transport and Helicopter streams of IAF to become Qualified Flying Instructors.

6. Has been an Air Force Examiner, Air Force Inspector, Cat A Flying and ground Instructor.

7. Successfully ran the premier Advanced Twin engine helicopter school of Indian Airforce with Mi-8 helicopters with 10 Instructors and 80 trainee pilots.

8. Was Staff QFI at Basic Flying Training School on Deepak (HPT 32) aeroplane, Helicopter Training School on Chetak Helicopter and at Flying Instructors School on Kiran (HJT 16), Deepak (HPT 32) and Chetak (Aloutte III) aircraft. All of them being premier training institutions of Indian Air Force.


Air Cmde Sunil Kumar (Retd)

1. 36 yrs and 5000hrs of flying experience in the Indian Air Force. Has flown both, aeroplanes (both jets, pistons) and helicopters.

2. Flown HPT-32, HJT-16 Kiran, Chetak/Cheetah, MI-25/MI-35, ALH, MI-17, MI-28 and AH-64D Apache Helicopters.

3. 30 yrs of ground and flying training experience. Trained more than 100 abinitio pilots and 28 abinitio helicopter pilots.

4. Category A Qualified Flying and Ground Instructor(QFI) and has been an Air Force Examiner in the prestigious Aircrew Examining Board.

5. Was ACFI at Air Force Academy (flying HPT-32) and a Staff QFI at Helicopter Training School (flying Chetak helicopter). He has over 1600 hrs of instructional flying experience, of which 900 hrs are on HPT-32.

6. Was incharge of evaluation and induction of Apache 64D helicopters in the IAF.

7. Has commanded a MI-35 Helicopter Sqn in India as well as in an United Nations mission in Congo (DRC). For operations against militants in DRC, he was awarded Yudh Seva Medal. Has also commanded an IAF Station.